Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cole's video debut... and I'm sure the Oscar awards aren't too far behind

Jamestown Hospital asked if Levi and I would share our birth experience. With a resounding YES, we agreed. Anything to help the hospital that saved Cole, we said.

I'm no medical expert, but the nurses' wisdom surprised me. A couple times, baby's heartbeat dropped. The nurses rolled me over, gave me oxygen, stuck a heart monitor on my unborn baby's head, threw a catheter in me... the works. They paged my doctor, but until her arrival, we were solely in the nurses' care. Baby's health was seriously threatened, but the nurses' knowledge and expertise saved his life.

In fact, at his two-week check up, the physician said his tests, including his lungs, looked perfect.

Thank you very much to everyone at Jamestown Hospital.

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